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On August 14th 1998 George Tulloch, Expedition Leader of RMS. Titanic ,on his second attempt., Successfully raised a section of Titanic hull. The images on this page are " The Big piece" of the hull. the way she was 2 years ago and today when she was raised. In my personal opinion I think it never should have been attempted. It is the resting place of 1500 souls that have now been disturbed. It is too late now. It has been done. It appears that after winning the fight in 96 titanic has decided that we should know of her demise. that we should have her back in the sun once again. These images are from the Discovery Channel Special " TITANIC LIVE "that aired on Sunday August 16th 1998,

rust has consumed herthe Big peicethe Big peice

these images are of the big piece when she was found and after the attempt to raise her failed
the Big piece 1996the Big piece after attempt failed

Seeing light
She has finally seen the sun for the first time after 86 years in the cold ,dark Atlantic

out of waterlying flat out of water

out of water