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Titanic Exhibit
April 15th 2000
Chicago, Illinois

(The Museum of Science and Industry Building)
I was there to mark the 88th anniversary of the tragic sinking of the RMS. Titanic. I saw the artifacts that were retrieved off the ocean floor at the sight where Titanic now rests.
I saw the Bell that was rung when the Iceberg was sighted, I touched a block of Ice that was the temp of the water that cold April night. I could only touch it for 3 seconds it was so cold. I saw tools, and personal belongings. dishes  a replica on a smaller scale of the Grand Staircase A first class suite, a third class room,the  storage room, a replica of her lifeboats used in the movie "TITANIC" by James Cameron  and the HULL. I touched the Hull...
Oh my God! I got to touch it. That was the highlight of my visit. To touch a piece of the most important, historical ill fated ship in the world. I touched her. I wanted so much to cry too. I saw the list of those that parished that cold night. Mostly Crew,
You were not allowed to take pictures inside the actually exhibit. copyright laws. But I did manage to get some. There is a book on the market called, "Titanic, Legacy of the worlds largest ocean liner" care of the Discovery Channel. It is the OFFICIAL book of the exhibit. So if you can not make it there buy that book. I bought it a year or so ago. So, I do hope you enjoy the images I did get and I hope you get a chance to visit the
Exhibit while the HULL is apart of the tour until September 4, 2000

I will be able to say the Titanic is apart of me. I have a part of her. She is a beautiful ship and will always be beautiful.

Rms Titanic  construction work began Dec 16, 1908 , she was launched May 31,1911, took her Maiden Voyage April 10, 1912.. she  sank April 15th 1912...

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