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Titanic images 85 years later

On his second trip to Titanic the first think ever found was a boiler. The evidence that Titanic was there. 73 years after she feel to an awful death

The Bow of Titanic

To those who searched for Titanic it came to them as a disappointment when they viewed the decks ,that were thought to be intaked, had be consumed by wood boring organism . That what was once beautiful wood planks were now ridges of caulk.

This is the debris field that had been found between the Bow and Stern of the Titanic

This image shows how Dr.Ballard and his crew worked to find Titanic on the dark ocean floor..

After and 8 hour trial run , Titanic was said to be unsinkable.
For the fate of Titanic is still intriguing.
And the name
is a synonym for disaster.

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