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Titanic's Aftermath

In a cemetery in Canada ,there lies the bodies of those who went unclaimed after the Titanic sank on that cold April night In the days that followed the disaster the discovery of some 300 bodies were recovered. And unless you were first class, your body was sewn into a canvas bag and buried at sea. Thus Leaving a grave sight of more then 1200 souls.

The White Star Line Still maintains the grounds where those who where claimed by family rest for eternity

When Titanic hit the iceberg at 11:40 pm on April 14th 1912, she had 2,228 souls on board. No one wanted to believe that she was going to sink. No one wanted to leave a big ship for a small lifeboat. Once the first flare was fired the passengers became aware of the impending threat that was happening. The panic began. The fight for life had begun.

          John Jacob Asters body was crushed from the pressure. The last place Thomas Andrews was seen was in the First Class Smoking Room. ( without his life vest on) Looking at the painting on the mantle. "APPROACH TO PLYMOUTH HARBOR"....

      There are many tales of what happened to Capt. Smith. One says he shot himself in the head with his revolver while on the bridge. Another said he swam to a lifeboat and handed a survivor a baby and swam away. And then there is the story that He swam to the over turned lifeboat and asked if there was anymore room . A man on the boat answered loudly "No". Another voice said that one more on board would sink them all. The man in the water said " All right, Good luck and God bless you" and swam into the darkness.

       A man on the boat asked if anyone knew who that was and no one knew, He told them that he swore it was Capt. Smith. As for his last words, before Titanic sank into the darkness Capt. Smith either said " It is every man for himself" or " Be British".
( what do you think?) His body was never found

       Titanic holds many secrets. Has many tales yet to be told. She had alot of hero's. Although I doubt they would want to be called that. I consider all the man that gave up the chance of life so a woman or child could live the true hero's.

"It's a memorial of this period in time to the mistake or arrogance.
It's a whole bunch of things all
bundled up and now sitting upright
down at the bottom ,
very peaceful,
very nobel
Dr. Robert Ballard.

(This plaque was placed on Titanic by Dr Ballard for Eva Hart in honor of her father)

Back in 1912 movie theaters would show movie of Titanic to give the world a glimpse of the largest moving object in her time. The ship in the film was actually the Olympic. No one ever knew because they could not tell the difference. Can You.

This is The Olympic. Back in 1912 White Star Line had people believing that this was Titanic